Health and Safety, Operation and Ethics Policy

Operations and Health and Safety Document for Sustainable Health

Sustainable Health is a Umbrella Organization for the following Departments:

  • Namka Centre – residential retreats, training and treatments.
  • Cave of Mystery – Aerial Training, classes and shows.
  •  Healing Lotus Mobile Therapy Clinic
  • Sew Devotional InTENTS. 60 x 40ft and 40ft x 40ft Indian wedding tent, 21ft yurt.

 Sustainable Health’s Aims and Objectives


  • To provide professional natural health care treatments, retreats and training performed by skilled qualified and insured practitioners, carers and teachers.
  • To provide a high standard of service only using and recommending the very best of available natural health care products, practitioners and courses.
  • To offer the highest level of client care and comfort possible.
  • To create a clean and hygienic environment to work in.
  • To uphold the highest standards of health and safely with in our workspace.
  • To create a warm, safe, friendly, peaceful and calm environment for our clients / customers to relax within.
  • To create a land based centre of excellence for the study and practice of Sustainable Health, which has a part that can be mobile and set up at any chosen location.
  • To raise awareness of the positive health benefits of Sustainable Health, by Sustainable Health we mean the integration of diet, exercise, energy healing, body work, plant medicine, personal development, Astrology, Environmental awareness and Permaculture .
  •  To integrate into society as many accessible opportunities, for people who would significantly benefit Sustainable Health.
  • To provide comprehensive understanding of Sustainable Health, to enable our clients, colleagues, patients and students to integrate this theory into the practice daily life.
  • To provide a safe, healthy and peaceful environment that fosters the development of all who are involved with the work.
  • To provide educational material for professional and public use.
  • To Take the Star Temple Yurt and Space Temple Tent to events to operate a Raw food cafe, mobile therapy, visionary art exhibition, workshops, aerial performance, education and shows.
  • To offer aerial training and inspirational shows at the cave of mystery.


  • To ensure Health and Safety in practice is understood and maintained at all times, by having a Health and safety policy that is read understood and adhered to by all peoples involved with Sustainable Health.
  • To approach new and maintain existing relationships with appropriate events, festivals, corporations and individuals that open opportunities for the Space Temple and Star Temple Yurt to be used as mobile clinic, cafe, shows, workshops ect. Also to take Sustainable Health Services to other venues.
  • To encourage members of the public to attend the Namka Centre for retreats, treatment and Training, and to attend the Cave of Mystery for aerial training, shows and parties ect..
  • To educate clients, customers, staff, members of the public, students and health care workers in the use of natural approaches to improve total well-being.
  • Through the daily practice of the 8 limbs of Sustainable Health the staff and people receiving a service from the Sustainable Health will gain a greater perception, understanding and knowledge of themselves and cultivate health, clarity and stability in the pursuit of their life purpose.
  • Provide educational material through the production of manuals. The Chu-Len college of Sustainable Health will provide all the information necessary for the training, treatments and workshops provided. Our organization will produce self-help materials for professionals and public.

Ethics for Therapists

  • Always use treatments in a supportive and nurturing way in the recognition that it is a humane treatment for people who are suffering and in pain.
  • Never ever withhold treatment as punishment.
  • Maintain dignity and integrity in the workplace upholding professional relationships with respect. If this is not possible referral is a solution.
  • Do not engage in sexual relations with any client who is paying you money for treatment.
  • It is your responsibility to find out the policies and procedures within any organization that you may find yourself working. It is your responsibility to adhere to these policies.
  • Be aware that POSITIVE INTENTIONS affect treatments implicitly.
  • Keep fees within reach of the general public.
  • Do not claim directly or indirectly qualifications that exceed those actually obtained.
  • Use all natural health treatments in conjunction with appropriate counseling and supportive services where necessary, possible and with appropriate qualifications.
  • Regularly evaluate personal standards and engage in personal development. This way your practice will grow and strengthen to be more and more powerful and effective.
  • Further education. Training and professional development will be valuable to yourself and those around you.
  • Provide accurate information regarding education training and experience, professional affiliations and certification.
  • Make statements about treatments, which are honest, and within the generally accepted experience of the profession or the individual practitioner.

 Operations Policy For the Healing Lotus Mobile Clinic

  • Pricing of treatments:In order to work with Sustainable Health as a practitioner at events, you will be required to give us a deposit of £50 – 150 to secure your place as a therapist or receptionist per event. This money may only at our discretion be given back as a star therapist award. Tips to winning this award are:
    • Helping in a super compliant and efficient way setting up and packing down.
    • Giving a promotional pack out to all clients
    • Reporting problems to line manager only and not involving members of the public or other colleagues or festival staff.
    • Setting up consists on unloading van in particular way, setting up yurt inside and outside, rigs, sides, signs, installing the booking system.
    • Maintaining a pleasant nature throughout the event with out any conflict.
    • Full compliance of all of the policy, procedures and ethics set out in this document.
    • Never arriving late for a treatment booking.
  • The pricing of treatments is standard and is set out on our price list. Each therapist working will receive £20 for each hour treatment that they give.
  • Money: All money for treatments is to be paid to reception/money box using the envelope system, this will be collected by allocated staff on a regular basis and stored in secure area. Each festival may have a slightly different system please find out what this system is on site. When the festival is over the money will be distributed as stated above, sustainable health may take up to a month to pay you.
  • Booking System : The receptionist will book all the clients in. They will be required to fill out all the relevant booking forms as well as filling out a treatment ticket to give to the client. The client will then hand this to the practitioner. The practitioner needs to keep this as prove of the amount of work that he/she has done. This is to avoid any confusion.  The practitioner may need to operate the reception or there may be a self serve postal reception which works well at some events (Glastonbury/Womad) the booking system will be explained in full at the start of each event as it may change depending on the event.
  • Treatments : All treatments that are performed with in the yurts or tent provided must be booked in through the reception and recorded. The only treatments that are permitted to take place with out being booked in and paid for, are treatments between Healing Lotus Practitioners during quiet periods, or complementary treatments offered to other members of festival staff. Any complementary treatments performed with in the Healing Lotus area, need to be agreed by the manager, and performed at an appropriate time.
  • Treatment Equipment: Couches, Massage rolls, Towels, Couch roll: Practitioners are expected to bring their own equipment: Massage couch or Floor roll / Pillows and Blankets / Towels and couch . A new piece of couch roll will also be expected to use on each client. We do have spare equipment we can bring but this needs to be pre arranged.
  • Massage Oils and Essential oils: All essential oils that are used must have been tested by AFNOR certified laboratories, as this is the best essential oil testing equipment in the world. The government does not regulate the production of essential oils. So adulteration and dilution is accepted as normal practice. The publics are often not aware that the oils that they are paying for are toxic. For health and safety reasons to avoid any toxicity to clients we only use Young Living products as they are the only company in the world to grow from seed, harvest and steam distil there own oils. They can guarantee the purity of their oils as each batch is tested by AFNON certified laboratories before being packaged. If another brand of verifiably therapeutic grade oils become available we will consider their use with in the Sustainable Health organisation. All massage oils that are used must be organic.
  • Candles: It is very important if candles are used that wax is not spilt on any surface, and that they are blown out at the end of day. THIS IS IMPERATIVE. Please only use candles that are place with in a safely jar to avoid fire hazard, make sure you know the location of the fire extinguisher.
  • Qualifications and Insurance: Practitioners may only practice therapies that they have up to date qualifications and insurance for, also photocopies of this information needs to be kept on file, please make sure that Samantha Terry has all copies of this.
  • Consultation Sheets: Each client needs to fill out a consultation form. The client will then take this to the practitioner to read before commencing treatment. The practitioner needs to take all the forms back to reception after treatment. All client forms are to be stored at reception, in the event that a client comes for treatments more that once, the form can be obtained with out having to fill another one out. The practitioner needs to record the time, date with any comments about the treatments as well as sighing their name.
  • Marketing and client recommendation: For the safety of our clients and the reputation of Sustainable Health we need to monitor any recommendations or marketing made to our clients. Any courses, products or further treatment recommendations that a practitioner working with Sustainable Health and the Healing Lotus wishes to recommend, must first have been approved by a staff member of Sustainable Health. As practitioners are engaging in a therapeutic relationship with our clients, it is important that there is some responsibility taken with all the advice given. While it is acceptable to recommend for example further massages, reiki or even training. If particular practitioners, product or courses are recommended, they need to be approved. If Sustainable Health regards a particular practitioner or course to be ethically unsound, we do not want them or it to be recommended to our clients. We recommend: Any young living product / Any product advertised or sold on the Sustainable Health web site / All courses advertised on the Sustainable Health web site / All practitioners advertised on the Sustainable Health web site. If you wish to recommend certain products, courses, or practitioners please submit a written request. This is so that we can monitor the quality and standard of the advice given to our clients.

Health and Safety Policy for therapists

  • Hygiene

ü            All Healing Lotus practitioners are required to wear a clean Healing Lotus top and clean white/cream cotton trousers

ü                Long hair needs to be tied back.

ü                Nails need to be clean and short.

ü                Hands need to be washed between treatments.

  • Handling Clients who are intoxicated

ü                If a client is really intoxicated always offer water.

ü                Always make sure that you know where the sick bucket is in case your client is sick.

ü                If a client is really intoxicated, agitated, convulsing and you are worried about massage; ear acupuncture will help to calm the client down before the massage. Obliviously this is to be done by a qualified and insured practitioner.

It is a practitioner’s personal choice whether to treat an intoxicated client, Sustainable Health and the Healing Lotus approves of treatments for clients who are intoxicated. We believe the treatments will still help the client to connect with life in a more positive way. Treatments will always help to calm anxious, paranoid and agitated clients. Allowing intoxicated clients into a calming and peaceful environment will help to calm the client down. We aim to help and support all living beings with out judgment of their choices. Therefore if you as a practitioner do not want to treat a client because the client is too intoxicated, please refer to client to another practitioner within the healing lotus team, who is prepared to treat. Preferably a practitioner who is qualified in ear acupuncture, as we regard this treatment as the most appropriate for intoxicated clients.

Although the Healing Lotus approves of treatments for intoxicated clients we do not allow under any circumstances the use of intoxicating substances within our space. Any client found to be using illegal or intoxicating substances within our space would be asked to leave immediately. Smoking and drinking alcohol is also not permitted inside our space.

Any practitioner found to be working while under the influence of a illegal substance or alcohol will be asked to leave and will never be asked to work with the Healing Lotus ever again.

  • Handling Aggressive and difficult clients

If a client becomes aggressive, loud or abusive, this is not tolerated within the healing Lotus space, as other people will be having treatments. Always try to calm the client down and if there is an ear acupuncturist available offer a free a treatment of ear acupuncture and be sure to use the aggression point, and then offer then a cup of relaxation tea. If the client cannot be calmed down, as a last resort we must ask the client to leave the space, if the client does no leave we must call security. No practitioner is expected to endure sexual harassment while working on a client, if the words and actions of a client becomes uncomfortable for the practitioner, the practitioner is within his or her right to warn the client of her/his discomfort, then if the behavior persists, to stop treatment and ask the client to leave.


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