Sweat Lodge (Temascal)

The Temascal (Sweat lodge) is thought to be the womb of the mother earth, and is a traditional ceremony of rebirth .

This is a deeply healing experience as it allows a connection to our instinctive natural self and connects us to the elements that already exist in our being: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood. This is a sacred design which has the power to connect you to your true original self. This ceremony can truly assist you in your spiritual path, to move through wherever you are. It is ancient belief that the stones of the earth are our “Grandparents” , especially the extremely old stones like Blue Granite. Stonehenge was build from Blue Granite. The fire wakes up the wisdom within the stones and the transference of heat from the stones to the people carries the transmission of wisdom and healing on a deep soul level, beyond words. This energetic experience is powerfully and truly healing to the body, heart, soul and mind. The water washes your spirit, helping you to be who you really are beyond the energetic entanglements that for so many of us can hold us back from shining our light.
Within this ceremony you will enter the lodge (not naked) with a group, and the hot rocks will be brought in. In complete darkness water is poured on the rocks. Prayers and medicine songs are part of this ceremony.

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